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Ohio Auditor Slams the Deal in the Data-Scrubbing Case

Photo of Dave Yost

A high-ranking state official is blasting a reported deal between the Ohio Department of Education and those involved in a school data-scrubbing scandal. 

When Auditor Dave Yost released his report on the Columbus City Schools data-rigging scheme two years ago, he said administrators created a culture of manipulation and employee intimidation.

Now there are reports that the Ohio Department of Education has offered dozens of administrators a deal that would suspend their license for two months -- possibly during summer break.

Yost says that’s problematic.

“The flip side of that. What does it say to all the people who didn’t break the law? It says, 'We don’t value your virtue, your honesty,’ and that’s the wrong message to send.”

The Ohio Department of Education says it has revoked six administrators’ licenses so far and intends to revoke eight more. As for the rest, the department can’t talk about any possible deals until there’s official consent.