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Cuyahoga Valley National Park Urges Hikers to be Cautious of Bald Eagles

Bald Eagle
National Wildlife Service
U.S. Wildlife website

The bald eagles have come back to Brecksville.  

The nesting pair has been returning to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park at about this time each year since 2006. 

The chief of visitor services, Jennie Vasarhely, says it is important for people who want to see the birds to keep their distance.  Getting too close disturbs the eagles so no one should approach the nesting area directly, or walk along the old railroad right-of-way that goes by it.

She says the return of the birds this year, and every year is very important. 

Jennie Vasarhely
Credit National Park Service / National Park Service website
Chief Jennie Vasarhely, U.S. National Park Service

 “These are really symbols in my mind of habitat recovery that has occurred in the Cuyahoga Valley. And the fact that the Cuyahoga River can support bald eagles is just a great story…of hope…of what we can do when we treat the environment well.”

Once on the Endangered Species list, the bald eagle has made a sufficient recovery in the past 20 years to be removed from even the threatened species list in 2007.