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Akron ranks sixth in the nation for living wage growth


A recent study shows that Akron ranked sixth in the nation in the growth of jobs that pay a living wage. That's the minimum income needed to cover essentials like food, housing and clothing.

The Ludwig Institute of Shared Economic Prosperity looked at job growth in 98 cities across the US from 2019-2020. The study finds that 25% of Americans are functionally unemployed, which means they’re either out of work or not earning enough to live on.

Institute Chairman Gene Ludwig says Akron’s availability of good paying jobs softened the blow of job losses seen in other cities.

Gene Ludwig
Why Akron stands out in when it comes to the number of jobs paying a living wage

“You didn’t have travel and tourism, which got hit pretty bad by the pandemic on the one hand or that’s not a major thing in Akron. You did have manufacturing and hospital. And hospitals sadly did a little better during the pandemic.”

Ludwig hopes the study will lead policy makers to make better decisions when looking at the difference between unemployment and earning a living wage. He says the institute is also looking at how the cost-of-living across regions effects low income families.

Kelly Krabill is a multiple media journalist at Ideastream Public Media. She is excited to engage viewers with visual storytelling. While living near Canton most of her life, she recently moved to Cleveland.