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High Speed Internet is Elusive in Some Areas of Ohio

The Republican gubernatorial ticket wants to bring together business and technology entrepreneurs to advise the state on creating high-tech jobs and improving state services. But as Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports, right now that won’t help more than a million people who don’t have high speed internet in their homes.

One in 11 Ohioans have no access to reliable, affordable broadband, including a third of the state’s rural residents, but also thousands of people in the state’s biggest cities. Kyle Quillen with Agile Networks in Canton says business and tech leaders should play a role in state policy on a high-tech economy, and says there is money and opportunity in getting reliable high speed internet throughout the state.
“We have to help facilitate that. We have to help that investment happen. And ultimately, it will get there. It’s not going to happen overnight, because it’s a poor infrastructure. “
Bills to put up state money to incentivize broadband investment in rural homes and communities and in pockets of urban areas have passed the House but haven’t moved in the Senate.