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Jobs at Company Headquarters in Northeast Ohio Are Increasing

Timken Steel, Canton Ohio
M.L. Schultze
According to Team NEO's Aug. 2018 Cleveland Plus Economic Quarterly Review, manufacturing in Northeast Ohio, such as the work that's done at Timken Steel in Canton, has been growing, but employment has been decreasing because of automation.

Northeast Ohio is second among the nation’s largest metro areas in the percentage of its workforce employed in headquarters jobs. That’s according to an economic development organization focused on job creation in the region.

Team NEO head Bill Koehler
Credit Team NEO
Bill Koehler, CEO of Team NEO, says many of the jobs included in the increase are higher-paying office jobs in manufacturing.

The Team NEO report shows 187,000 people in Northeast Ohio working at business headquarters or for related professional services. The number has increased by 25,000 people in the past decade and a half. 

Team NEO Counties
Credit Team NEO website
This map shows the 18 counties in Ohio that Team NEO covers.

Team NEO CEO Bill Koehler also said many of the new office jobs are in an industry that has been cutting back other staff.

“Manufacturing in Northeast Ohio has been growing.  Employment, however, has been going down because of automation," he said. "But manufacturing companies, to stay continually competitive globally, they are increasingly thinking about IT professionals, analytics professionals, and headquarters professionals.”

The jobs tend to be higher paying and require more education and training than most of the traditional jobs in manufacturing.