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Lordstown OKs a Preliminary Step to Bring the HomeGoods Warehouse to Town

Lordstown Village Hall
Village of Lordstown web site
Lordstown VIllage Administration Building

Lordstown Village Council voted Thursday to rezone several hundred acres of property from residential to commercial so a TJX Home Goods distribution center can be built there.  But that decision may be on hold pending a voter referendum. 

Home Goods retail outlet
Credit D. Burdett / Wikipedia, Creative Commons
A typical Home Goods store

Opponents of the 1.2-million square foot complex say they’re circulating petitions to force the zoning issue to a vote.  That could have delayed a yes or no on Home Goods use of the site until November, perhaps making them go elsewhere.

But, a backer of the project, state Sen. Sean O’Brien, got a voting law amendment passed in May requiring such a referendum to be held within 60 days. He says that way it can’t be a tactic to stall a project into cancellation, and will actually bring the matter to a vote.

“Looking at the various business that will benefit, as well as the schools -- the school is going to significantly benefit from this. So we wanted to give everyone a say in whether or not TJ Maxx Home Goods was coming.”

The Home Good distribution center is expected to employ about a thousand people.