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Jobs Doubled on Cleveland's HealthLine Since The Major Transit Project Was Completed

Jobs along RTA's HealthLine have doubled since the transit system went into operation

A new study finds the jobs along Cleveland’s HealthLine corridor have nearly doubled since the state-of-the-art transit route was completed in 2008.   

As of 2014 there were 72,000 jobs along Euclid Avenue’s  HealthLine. Jim Russell works with Cleveland State University’s Center for Population Dynamics, which conducted the study. He says the research does not indicate the HealthLine, alone, is esponsible for the job growth. But it shows that public transit projects in urban areas with high growth potential are smart investments. Russell says the job growth is mainly in health care at the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals, and that should continue.

“As far as the county’s concerned, you should see more and more jobs along the HealthLine in a relative way. That’s not to say that health care jobs are not going to grow in the county outside the HealthLine corridor, it’s just that they’re growing so much faster in that corridor. And so the transit is actually well located to accommodate that growth.”

Russell says the next question is whether or not manufacturers would benefit from the transit line by clustering their businesses in available industrial space along the corridor.