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Airport Minority Advisory Council Brings Its 32nd Annual Meeting to Cleveland This Week

photo of Krystal Brumfield

The 32nd annual conference of the Airport Minority Advisory Council is in Cleveland this week, encouraging airport officials from around the country to seek diversity in their staffing and partnerships.

The airport council chose Cleveland for this year’s meeting due to the city’s economic opportunity and increasing number of start-ups. Council CEO Krystal Brumfield says she hopes that participants leave with a renewed focus on what’s available in the airport industry.

“It’s an $8 billion industry.  And so minorities should consider it not just for job opportunities but also for entrepreneurship opportunities: food service, IT, car rental, construction -- anything that you can think of.”

“We are at a prime time in history where we can make a bigger mark as it relates to diversity.  I think we can include at all levels of the airport industry, as well as throughout services in general.  So we’re really excited to be part of something that can be a kick-start throughout the country.”

Today and tomorrow, participants will be in the city for presentations by the FAA, Department of Transportation and speakers such as Dr. Julian Earls, former director of NASA Glenn Research Center.