Corporate Sponsorship

Thank you for your interest in WKSU corporate sponsorship!  WKSU is an award-winning public radio service with over 160,000 listeners tuning in from 22 Northeast Ohio counties each week.  We are the largest radio service in Ohio reaching over 3.5 million people.   

By becoming a sponsor of WKSU, your company or organization will be reaching C-suite decision-makers, business owners, and community influencers.  Plus, your message will be reaching our highly educated, affluent, and community-engaged individuals who are extremely loyal and passionate about public radio.  

What is Unique about Sponsorship on WKSU?

WKSU offers the most desired demographic of Northeast Ohio – a highly affluent, educated audience of decision-makers and community leaders

WKSU listeners average an incredible 6-7 hours of listening per week

Your message on the air is not lost like commercial radio, as we offer a clutter free environment that gives your company more exposure

Your company or organization will enjoy the “Halo Effect” created by associating your organization with NPR programming, thus allowing our audience to appreciate your support of WKSU

The WKSU Audience

63% of listeners are between the ages of 35 – 64

70% more likely to have a college degree

195% more likely to have an income more than $250,000

194% more likely to have professional/related occupations

77% more likely to attend a symphony, concert, opera, play, etc

84% more likely to contribute money to arts/cultural organizations

  Return on Your Investment

90% of listeners have been moved to take action by listening to NPR

66% of listeners have done further research into a topic

68% of listeners have visited a website referenced by NPR

66% of NPR listeners agree that when price and quality are equal, they prefer to buy products from businesses that support public radio

Data source: 2015 NPR Audience Insight & Research

To find out more, download WKSU’s Media Guide, linked below.

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