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Cybersecurity Will Be Area of Greater Spending for Businesses Following Colonial Pipeline Attack

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Businesses are expected to spend more on cybersecurity protection after the cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline, says University of Akron computer information services professor John Nicholas.

The cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline earlier this month has again increased concerns about hacking and critical infrastructure in the U.S.

Because of this hack that resulted in the shutdown of a gas pipeline that supplies much of the East Coast, John Nicholas, professor of computer information services (CIS) at the University of Akron, believes there will be an increased spending for businesses cybersecurity protection.

“Human beings in this are really the weakest link," Nicholas said. "We can spend a lot of money on technology to block certain virus signatures and other things like that, but all it takes is one person in your organization to click on the wrong link, and it brings down all of that.”

Nicholas says that educating not only employees, but employers as well, on cybersecurity best practices is important in defense to these attacks. He recommends the Department of Homeland Security’s website to learn more about what cybersecurity is and what it can look like.

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