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WKSU is looking for the answers to the questions you have about Ohio in a project we call "OH Really?" It's an initiative that makes you part of the news gathering process.

OH Really? to Explore Akron's Irish Roots

photo of Akron, 1874
By 1874, Old Dublin was already forgotten -- replaced by an oil refinery.

You voted, and now the next edition of "OH Really?" will take a trip to what was once known as "Old Dublin" in Akron.

Attorney Chris Esker -- who is proudly one-quarter Irish – asked, “What was Old Dublin? And why was it essentially forgotten and bulldozed by the late 19th century?”

He became curious after seeing a mention of the area in a Facebook post on the city's history.  Having no idea what "Old Dublin" was, he researched and found a "compelling and awful" history of the spot near downtown.

Esker and I will be taking a time trip over two centuries to learn more and bring you the story on WKSU's "OH Really?"

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