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World War II Veteran Upset by Disputes Urges Politicians to 'Cause a Little Peace'

Retired military man and his wife.
Jo Ingles
Retired Army Sgt. Cecil Myers with his daughter, Linda Chaplin

Veterans around the state gathered today at events to honor their service. Many within the state met at the National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus.

96-year-old Cecil Myers was a tech sergeant in Guam during WWII. And when the war was over, he went to Europe to help rebuild communities. He says it bothers him when he sees elected officials fighting over politics so often these days.

“I think they bad mouth each other too much instead of doing their job. That’s what I think. Get out there and do their job. The people voted for them, work and do their job. Cause a little peace. Hell, they fight each other like kids.”

He continues saying he’s proud he served but it makes him sad when he sees all of the negativity in politics.

“Politics and all this stuff going on in Washington D.C. with people killing each other, it’s terrible.”

Myers spent over 20 years in the service before retiring. He now lives in suburban Columbus.