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Dayton Business Faces Damages, Loss of Power Following Tornado

A photo of storm damage in Dayton
An overhead view shows the damage to a neighborhood in Dayton following the storm Monday night.

Businesses in and around Dayton are still dealing with a lack of electricity and water after Monday night's tornadoes.

Rahn's Artisan Breads stopped operations Monday night when the lights went out. Owner Rahn Keucher says his ovens run on electricity, and he hasn't been able to find a generator.

“When the power comes back, I will let the freezers run for about three or four hours. Then the first thing we will do is throw everything away," he said. "Why we let it refreeze is because right now it’s dough, and it actually proofing. My cooler is 70 degrees. My freezer is 49. And the doughs that are in there are all yeasted. And so, because of that, they’re now a sticky mess.”

If the power were to come back on, he said he wouldn’t be able to start baking again until Thursday night. Even then, he says he's lost some cultures and won't be able to bake certain varieties for a while.

Jerry Hunter says his North Dayton workplace got lucky.

He's operations manager of Platinum Express on Stanley Avenue. The neighborhood was hit hard by Monday night's tornado, but the only damage to his building was a lost sign and a flagpole bent at ground level.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the power was still off.

Jerry Hunter says they made do with the lack of power

“We kind of just suffered through it yesterday. We got some guys to come in today to hook us up some generators to get some small things running in the office, lights and things like that. And we’ve got people now we’ve moved off site that are doing a lot of the stuff we would generally do here,” he said.

Hunter says he doesn't know when the electricity will come back on. He's seen Dayton Power and Light crews working in the area but doesn't want to pester them.

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