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Project Citizen: An Interview With Scott Bogoniewski

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Kent State University
Project Citizen is hoping to bridge the divides between the Midwest and the West Coast.
picture of Scott Bogoniewski
Bogoniewski (pictured) will team up with veteran journalist Carol Costello for this groundbreaking project.

Scott Bogoniewski is the director of Kent State’s School of Digital Sciences and a College of Communication and Innovation Professional-in-Residence for the groundbreaking six-week course, Project Citizen. 

Project Citizen: Transforming America will examine the political divide in America as blended teams from the West Coast and Midwest learn from each other through collaboration and team building. The course is split between the Los Angeles campus of Loyola Marymount University and Kent State University. The best multimedia projects created may be distributed to partnering news and media organizations. The program is run by Bogoniewski and veteran journalist Carol Costello, a Kent State University alumna and an instructor at Loyola Marymount University.