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Pump House Makeover Will Offer New Recreational Opportunities Near Akron's Summit Lake

A photo of Summit Lake
Now clean, Summit Lake can serve as a go-to place for outdoor activities.

Akron residents will be able to explore their community in a new way soon with the creation of a nature center near Summit Lake. 

The old Summit Lake Pump House off Lake Shore Boulevard served the area for decades, filtering water into Akron’s many factories and homes until the lake was found to be polluted and the house shut down.

Now, the house is being transformed into an educational and recreational nature center. It’ll feature outdoor programming such as kayaking and fishing, as well as after-school activities and educational events.

Demetrius Lambert-Falconer is the chief of community engagement for Summit Metro Parks. She says she’s excited to connect the neighborhood with its backyard.

“It will provide a park within walking distance and a safe place for people to gather at a lake that traditionally had a not-so-nice reputation. And now the lake is clean. It’s providing additional amenities. It’s providing additional services. Who knows what we have to look forward.”

The center is set to open by the spring of 2020.