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Cleveland Fines Residents for Improper Garbage and Recycling Handling

photo of recycling bin
Michael Cox, the director of public works for the city of Cleveland, says while the city cannot check every garbage and recycling bin, he hopes residents will comply with rules regarding waste.

Cleveland officials say they’ve starting handing out $100 fines to people who don’t deal with their trash and recycling properly.

Starting Wednesday, the city is writing citations for residents who mix trash with recycling or leave garbage outside of trash cans.

Michael Cox is the city’s director of public works. He said improper handling of waste is costing the city time and money.

“We are not in the business of giving citations. What we want is compliance," he said. "We’re not looking to issue tickets. We don’t make money on these tickets. This is a service we provide to make sure everyone’s rubbish is picked up."

Cox said while the city cannot monitor every garbage can, he hopes residents will get the message and dispose of their trash and recycling correctly.