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Unique Species Of Deer is Born at Akron Zoo for the First Time

a photo of a zoo animal
The fawn is yet to be named

The Akron Zoo welcomed a unique deer species to the park last month.

The birth of a Siberian Musk deer, which is still unnamed, is a first for the zoo.  

Spokeswoman Elena Bell said the species is special to this area.

“They’re not a species that is really represented in a lot of zoos," she said. "It’s not an animal that you would think of when you visit the zoo, like the Cleveland Zoo doesn’t have them, the Columbus Zoo, so it’s really cool to be able to experience these unique animals.”

The zoo is preparing an exhibit for the fawn and expects the animal to debut within two weeks. 

The female fawn weighed 1 pound at birth.

This is the first time the zoo will feature a baby deer on exhibit.