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Stow Company Sees Increasing Interest in Its Bulletproof Backpack Inserts

A photo of a demonstration of the backpack insert.
A demonstration of the backpack insert.

A Stow company that produces ballistic armor has seen a large increase in interest in a bulletproof shield it produces that can fit into a child’s backpack.

The inserts are made by Shotstop Ballistics.

Director of Marketing Matt White says the company is getting a lot of questions about BallisticBoard and sales are up following recent school shootings. He says even his own son carries one.

“It sucks that he has to have it, and that it’s even something we have to consider. As a company, ... it’s not something that we had planned on producing," White says. He adds that the company is "certainly not trying to capitalize on something like this.  ... But on the flip side of that is knowing the world that we do live in, I am much more confident knowing that, that he does have it.”

The plates are rated to stop bullets from handguns and lighter-strength rifles but can’t stop gunfire from an AR-15.