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The View From Pluto: Why The Cavs Must Let Kyrie Irving Go

Kyrie Irving
Amanda Rabinowitz

It’s been a tumultuous week for the Cavs. The team that was expected to spend the summer beefing up its roster for another title run is now faced with a star player who wants out and an inexperienced general manager at the helm.

WKSU commentator Terry Pluto says Kyrie Irving shocked everyone with news that he wants to be traded.

Pluto says he’s never seen a player ask to be traded after three consecutive trips to the NBA Finals.

“The exact phrase [Irving] used is, ‘I want to be the focal point of a team.’

"The fact is, when Kyrie is together with LeBron James, you win. Ninety percent of the NBA wants to play with LeBron James because he’s been to the NBA Finals the last seven years. And I think he’s going to go again. It’s an interstate highway to the Finals.”

"It won't ever go away. That's why [Irving] has to go away."

Why the Cavs should trade him
Pluto says the NBA truly is a team sport, unlike baseball. 

“You could be the most selfish player in the world and be a very good baseball player because when you’re batting, you’re playing for your own stats. Same with pitching.

"In other words, LeBron and Kyrie have to play nice together and frankly, a lot of Kyrie’s teammates are going to be very upset by this, too. It won’t ever go away. That’s why [Irving] has to go away.”

And, Pluto says the new general manager, 34-year-old Koby Altman, has a very difficult job.

“Can the guy who has only been with the Cavs since 2012 pull off one of the biggest deals that the Cavaliers franchise will ever have to make and do it well?"

How does Derrick Rose fit in?
On Monday, the Cavs announced the team signed former NBA MVP free agent point guard Derrick Rose to a one-year contract at the veteran’s minimum, $2.1 million.

“He’s a great player but he’s undergone several knee surgeries. He should only play about half the game.”

Pluto says it says something that Rose, who’s never been past the second round of the playoffs, picked Cleveland.

“A former MVP at the age of 29 had his choice of about six teams to sign with and he turned down more money from the Lakers to play with LeBron James. Kyrie doesn’t understand how hard it is to reach the Finals."

And, Pluto says as for James, he’s ready to move on.

“LeBron’s people have no interest in playing with Kyrie here.”