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Goodyear "Wingfoot" Logo to Appear on Cavs' Jerseys Next Season as Part of Multi-Year Deal

photo of Kyrie Irving in wingfoot Cavs jersey
In a promotional video, Cavs player Kyrie Irving was featured in a jersey bearing the Goodyear "wingfoot" logo (pictured). The jerseys will make their debut next season.

Goodyear’s  “wingfoot” logo will soon be featured on Cleveland Cavaliers jerseys as part of a multi-year deal.

During a press conference today, Goodyear CEO  Rich Kramer explained why his company is partnering with the Cavs.

"Connection; connection between Goodyear and basketball, connection between Goodyear and the Cavs, and a connection between Goodyear and our community here in Northeast Ohio – and a meaningful connection at that.”

Neither Goodyear nor the Cavs revealed how much the deal cost. But Cleveland.com is reporting the deal is worth more than $10 million a year.

Last year, the NBA became the first major sports league in the country to allow corporate logos to be featured on jerseys. The logos will start appearing on jerseys next season.

Goodyear and the Cavs also announced they will be partnering to donate one million dollars to STEM programs in Akron and Cleveland schools.