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Body of Stephens Reportedly Found in His Car Near Erie, Pa.

photo of Steve Stephens

Update 12:19 p.m.: Pennsylvania State Police are confirming Stephens death following a brief pursuit shortly after 11 this morning.   

Cleveland police are holding a press conference now amid reports that the body Steve Stephens was found in his car outside Erie, Pa.

Stephens is accused of randomly shooting 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr., a killing he then posted on Facebook. The Easter Sunday killing has spurred several Go-Fund-Me accounts in Godwin’s name, and Cleveland police say donors need to be wary.  Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia says Go-Fund-Me is monitoring the situation.

“One of the managers from GoFundMe in California actually reached out to the city and the police chief and he assured us that  the funds collected for the family would be very carefully vetted and dispersed only to the family.”

The legitimate Go-Fund-Me account for Robert Godwin has now raised more than $50,000.