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Ohio Democrats Stand Firm in Face of Threat of Loss of Funding over Sanctuary Status

photo of Dan Ramos

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued an ultimatum to so-called sanctuary cities and states, either work with the federal immigration enforcement or lose grant funding. Democrats in the Ohio House aren’t budging.

Several cities, including Columbus and Cincinati, have said they will not dedicate local law enforcement resources to carry out immigration laws for federal agencies.

Democratic Rep. Dan Ramos of Lorain, who’s working on a bill that would make that a statewide initiative, says President Donald Trump should worry about enforcing immigration laws on his end.

“He’s not in charge of every sheriff’s department, he’s not in charge of every police department. He’s in charge of ICE; he’s in charge of border patrol. He should tell his folks to do their jobs and let us do ours.”

Homeland Security has put out a list of cities that have refused to hold an inmate who is in the country illegally. No Ohio cities are on the list.