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Stark County’s Board of Developmental Disabilities Sets New Course

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Stark County’s Board of Developmental Disabilities approved a new strategic plan Monday.  It fundamentally changes the role the agency plays in helping the disabled. 

SBDD's Lisa Parramore

SBDD's Lisa Parramore
Credit Tim Rudell / WKSU
Communications Manager Lisa Parramore

Instead of running workshops and busses for the developmentally disabled, Stark DD will arrange, monitor and fund services by private providers. That’s to comply with Medicare rules phasing in over the next three years.

But, communications director Lisa Parramore says Stark’s new plan isn’t just a list of operational changes.   “Families, of course, want to make sure that their loved one is safe, and healthy and getting the services that they need.  This plan is saying very strongly to families, Stark DD has been there to keep your loved ones safe.  And we’re going to continue to do that.  And we’re setting up more systems that will help monitor programs and services for your loved one.”

Parramore says the agency expects the new plan to help it reach more people, and to take advantage of something in the new biennial state budget.  “Overall, state-wise we’re going to be pretty much cost-neutral. But for us, there’s going to be more access to what’s called state funded waivers.  Which is going to help address our waiting list folks that need some financial assistance to live out in the community and get those services that they need.”    

SBDD Communications Manager Lisa Parramore

She also says the Stark BDD staff is starting immediately to work through implementation of the four-year strategic plan.