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Immigrants in Cleveland are Vital to the Local Economy and Entrepreneurship, Study Finds

photo of New American Economy logo
The study by New American Economy compiles economic data from all 435 Congressional districts and the 55 largest metro areas in the country.

A bi-partisan group has created an interactive map showing the economic impact of immigrants in all 50 states.

The map comes from a study produced by the group New American Economy.

According to the study, in Cleveland, immigrants have over $3 billion in spending power and contribute over $1 billion in taxes.

It also finds that immigrants are 75% more likely to start businesses than native citizens.

Jeremy Robbins is the executive director of New American Economy.

“What’s so interesting when you look at this data is that the impact of immigration is felt in every single community. Even in a place like Ohio, and like Cleveland which you don’t think of as being an immigration gateway city, immigration has a really profound impact in sectors all across the economy there.”

The full study compiles data from all 435 congressional districts and the largest 55 metro areas in the country. The complete report for the Cleveland metro area is included below.

photo of New American Economy Cleveland data
New American Economy reported this data for the Cleveland metro area.