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Cleveland Clergy Urge Senator Portman to Reject Sessions' Nomination for U.S Attorney General

Cleveland-area clergy taking concerns over the nomination of Jeff Sessions for U.S. Attorney General to Sen. Portman's Cleveland office.

Cleveland-area clergy are asking Ohio Sen. Rob Portman to vote no on the confirmation of Sen. Jeff Sessions for U.S. Attorney General. They gathered at Portman’s Cleveland office today to express their concerns with President Donald Trump’s nominee.

The group of about 20 Cleveland-area clergy members says Sessions has a track record of intolerance that disqualifies him to be the nation’s top law enforcer. Retired Presbyterian pastor Ken Jones, says his biggest fear is what Sessions might do to voter rights. And he hopes Portman carefully scrutinizes the nominee.

“I have regard for Sen. Portman, I think he is one to not blindly follow the herd. And I hope that as he considers some of the points we’re raising, that will cause him to think. How he votes is up to him.”  

The group also expressed concerns over what they believe Sessions might do to immigration policy and LGBT rights. Clergy in Columbus also delivered the same message to Portman’s office there. In a written statement, Portman’s spokeswoman says he is thoroughly evaluating all of Trump’s nominees as the Senate works through the confirmation process.