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Summit County Will Open Its Addiction Help Line to Callers on Tuesday

photo of Jerry Craig
Jerry Craig (left), executive director of the Summit County ADM Board, says the help line will help people navigate the available treatment options.

Summit County residents struggling with addiction now have a help line to assist them with finding treatment.

The Summit County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board is launching its help line on Tuesday morning. 

For hotline help, call (330) 940-1133

Callers will be asked questions regarding their age, location and other factors to determine which agencies might best help them.

Executive Director Jerry Craig says data will be collected on the success rate and wait times for treatment to better gauge the capacity of local service providers.

“We’ve gotten a lot of feedback in the community that when families are looking for treatment – and individuals are looking for treatment – it’s often difficult to navigate our system. So, we wanted to make it as simple as possible: We’ll direct you to the appropriate agency. We’ll actually set up an appointment with you. And then we’re going to follow up with you and make sure that appointment was kept and was a success.

“When people present that they’re ready for treatment, their readiness for treatment is sometimes short-lived. So if we can do everything we can to help them to make the connection to the treatment, it’s more likely to be successful.”

The help line is at 330-940-1133, and is open until 4 p.m. weekdays. After that, callers will be directed to call the ADM Crisis Center, which is open 24 hours a day.
The Crisis Center will still be available on a 24/7 basis to provide detoxification and drop-in services and treatment readiness groups. Call 330-762-6110 for a mental health emergency or 330-996-7730 for an addiction crisis.