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Ohio Becomes First State in the Nation to Ban Plywood on Vacant Homes

photo of foreclosed home with windows covered by plywood
Ohio Senator Kevin Bacon says that the ban will allow foreclosed homes to look nicer and to increase property value in neighborhoods.

Soon, foreclosed properties will have a different look in Ohio. The state became the first in the country to ban the use of plywood over windows.

Instead of a foreclosed home or building boarded up with plywood, companies must use a clear plexiglass.

Supporters of the change argued that plexiglass is more durable, less of a target for vandalism, and more transparent for first responders who may be called to the scene for any reason.

Republican Senator Kevin Bacon of Columbus said this helps with appearances too.

“To make the neighborhoods look better and to hopefully retain an increased property value,” he said.

But Democrats did not like the housing bill as a whole, saying other provisions in the legislation would chip away at housing discrimination protections.