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Cuyahoga Prosecutor Is Urging Owners to Register Their Private Security Cameras

Cuyahoga County camera map

The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s office wants more businesses and home owners to register their private security cameras to give police better access to video of potential crimes.

The camera mapping effort started last April, and so far about 700 private security cameras have been registered. Lorraine DuBose of the prosecutors office says with the secure Google Maps application, police can immediately pull up registered camera locations with the owner’s name and contact information.

“We want to provide this information so it’s easier for these officers. We’ve found that all too often the video is lost over time, we want to make it quicker in time from when the incident occurred.”  

Law enforcement officials say video evidence is a strong tool for convicting criminals and for acquitting people who are wrongly accused. The Cuyahoga County registration program is based on efforts in San Francisco and New York City. New York started six years ago and has about 20,000 cameras registered.