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Sen. Rob Portman: Two Top Cable Companies Routinely Overcharge Customers Without Providing Refund

Photo of Sen. Rob Portman

Two cable companies are consistently over-charging customers without providing a refund, according to an investigative report released by U.S. Senator Rob Portman Thursday.

The report was conducted by the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations which he chairs.

Earlier this week, Portman said that American households are losing confidence in Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications.

"A survey last year found that the paid TV industry is tied for the lowest score out of all the industries surveyed. So, lots of legitimate customer concerns and we’re going to talk some about those and we’re going to talk about why an industry this size is almost uniformly considered to be offering poor service."

Portman says the practices exposed by the report are a “rip-off to Ohio consumers.”

He did note that Time Warner Cable has made attempts to correct their overcharging mistakes.