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'Cure Violence' Spends Third Day in Cleveland

Community service officials at the Mt. Pleasant Development Corporation

The organization “Cure Violence” is in the third day of its tour of Cleveland, discussing its anti-violence programs with community members.

The Chicago-based group says it has successfully reduced killings in other cities by defusing conflicts in high-crime areas and by creating public-private partnerships. Today the group visited the Mt. Pleasant Development Corp., where members of several community service agencies were gathered. 

"Cure Violence" official Lori Toscano told the gathering that her organization could help Cleveland by making more efficient use of the existing resources of intervention groups like the Cleveland Peacemakers Alliance.

“Using the data in a way that’s strategic, being able to identify communities that need the intervention or a similar intervention. And then being able to identify the highest risk and make sure you are able to connect with them and build rapport. And then be able to convince individuals that might be likely to be involved that shooting is not normal, it’s not necessary, that there are other ways to solve your problems.”

Toscano says Cleveland’s level of violence is similar to other cities, and that Cleveland recognizes there is a problem and it is taking steps to reduce it. She points to the youth-violence plan the city unveiled this week. "Cure Violence" was brought to Cleveland by Councilman Zack Reed, who is looking for ways to slow the city’s surging murder rate.