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Ohio Task Force Considers Changes in Police Chase Guidelines

photo of Mike DeWine

A group of law enforcement and legal experts are working on answering an important question: When should an officer engage a suspect in a high-speed chase? 

There are times when a police pursuit can stop a lawbreaker and protect the community, but there can be consequences. Attorney General Mike DeWine recalls the case of a mother and son who were killed during a police chase while they were delivering newspapers in Greene County.

DeWine has a task force working on best practices for law enforcement to consider before giving into the instinct to chase.

“That’s why you need to have a policy that is in place that’s an objective policy as well as subjective based on the facts that will override -- frankly -- the impulse that someone might have.”

The attorney general says the results of the task force will not be written into law but will have -- what he calls -- a moral persuasion.