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photo of Ed Friedl

Akron got its first glimpse inside Summa’s new addition to City Hospital on Sunday, just as current patients are being moved into the $220 million tower this week.

The new building -- on the main campus, just east of downtown -- will house a center for breast cancer treatment, robotic surgery area and new labor and delivery rooms.  Ed Friedl, vice president of construction services at the hospital, says the new maternity ward will have 17 birthing rooms.

Bug hunters and citizen scientists alike can now download a smartphone app to register cicada sightings. Cicada Safari from Mount Saint Joseph University will allow people to send pictures of cicadas, along with the time and location to Gene Kritsky. He's the dean of behavioral and natural sciences at Mount St. Joe and has been tracking cicadas for years.

a photo of medical marijuana products

Right now, there are 21 medical conditions for which Ohioans could get medical marijuana.

Despite the fact that needle exchange services have doubled in Ohio over the last three years, a new report finds, among other things, that opioid users continue to share needles.

Federal regulators have asked the state to work on resolving its backlog of more than 70,000 applications from poor and disabled Ohioans seeking Medicaid benefits, according to the state's Medicaid director.