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GM Lordstown Boosters Take a Road Trip

Jan 16, 2019
Southwest end of the GM Lordstown facility

Lordstown’s Drive it Home Campaign is heading to the Detroit Auto Show. Advocates for the local GM plant say they want to create a “presence” in the minds of decision makers in the motor city.

The northeast Ohio contingent includes auto workers and union, political and business leaders.

In the years after the housing bubble burst, rentals became more common in almost every major U.S. city, according to a study by Marketplace and APM Research Lab (an arm of American Public Media). That includes cities long thought of as “affordable” places to buy a home, such as Cleveland. 

Cuyahoga County Council is considering legislation that would direct $30 million toward neighborhoods still reeling from the foreclosure crisis. 

The bill would create a new "Cuyahoga County Housing Program," based on the recommendations of the 2017 Cuyahoga County Housing Plan authored by the Department of Development. The bill presents a three-pronged approach to stabilizing neighborhoods. 

BOUNCE Innovation Hub

A program to help new local startups gain resources and momentum begins this Monday.

Akron’s Bounce Innovation Hub is launching a new product development accelerator, which will give five Northeast Ohio software startups workspaces, mentorship and potential funding opportunities.

The main goal of the program is to have the companies ready to launch their product at the end of the four months.

Royal Docks Brewing company evening outside
Royal Docks Brewing Co., Canton, OH

Akron’s Bowery redevelopment project may have its first tenant. A fast growing Stark County craft brewer wants to open a location in the renovation district.

photo of Downtown Akron

A new report lists Akron as one of the top 50 most innovative cities in America.

According to, Akron is the 43rd most innovative metropolitan area in the US -- the only Ohio city to make the list.

The report ranks cities based on the number of patents produced in relation to its population. San Jose, California,  the home of Silicon Valley, ranks at the top of the list.

State Income Tax Revenue Drops in December

Jan 8, 2019

The final state tax revenue report of the Kasich administration showed a big drop in personal income tax collections last month. 

December’s personal income tax haul was down almost $47 million, nearly six percent below forecasts.

When all taxes are added in, including sales taxes and the commercial activity tax, total tax revenue was down only 2 percent. The total tax take is still in the black – up just over 1 percent.

The United Auto Workers labor union is suing General Motors over the use of temporary workers at a plant in Indiana, saying that laid-off members from Lordstown could do the jobs.

The UAW filed the suit this week in federal court in Youngstown. The suit accuses the company of violating a labor agreement that allows laid-off employees with seniority to seek to relocate to other GM facilities.

The complaint says the union agreed to GM’s hiring of temporary employees in Fort Wayne, Indiana, through August 2018 to help with the launch of a new pickup truck.

photo of prison

A quarter of  Ohio jobs are legally off limits for anyone with a criminal conviction, according to a new report from Policy Matters Ohio.

The report finds that as many as one in three Ohioans are barred from certain work due to state laws that restrict access to jobs, housing and civic rights for anyone with a conviction.

Michael Shields is the co-author of this report. He says these laws are too broad and end up hurting businesses as well.

Twenty-nine union employees at the Plain Dealer—mostly copy editors, page designers, and illustrators—will be laid off after March 2019, according to George Rodrigue, the paper’s Editor and President. The plan is to outsource most of those jobs to a New Yorked-based company called Advance Local, which is a subsidiary of the PD’s parent company, Advance Publications. 


The consortium of 40 philanthropies in 18 counties of Northeast Ohio has announced a three year plan to expand the region’s economy.  

The Fund for Our Economic Future is putting up $10 million to make it work. 

Cities, counties, and states usually consider attracting any business a success.  But the Fund for Our Economic Future wants them to consider spreading the wealth.

A student's drawing of a car.

The announcement that General Motors will stop production at its Lordstown plant has caused anxiety for more than just its workers. Their children are concerned, too.

Team NEO Counties
Team NEO website

A new report shows that Northeast Ohio is on-track to have one-million job openings over the next five years – but the total employment picture will remain relatively flat.

photo of Dan Flowers

The Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank is on-track to get about four million extra pounds of food next year – a result of President Trump’s trade war with China. The government has been buying surplus food from farmers hurt by retaliatory tariffs, and then distributing it through food banks.

Dan Flowers, CEO of the Akron-Canton Foodbank, says the food they’re getting is of the highest quality. And he says he’s got his fingers-crossed that news of the extra food does not deter people from donating to the food bank.

Pro Football Hall of Fame

The NFL Draft is not coming to Northeast Ohio in 2019 or 2020. And any bids in the near future might pivot away from the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton.

Northeast Ohio’s bid to host the draft put the first two days at Public Auditorium in Cleveland, and the last day at the Hall of Fame. But this week, Las Vegas got the nod for 2020, while Nashville was previously selected for next year.

photo of Levinson's Uniforms sign

The State of Ohio’s latest round of historic tax credits includes a well-known building in Cuyahoga Falls.

The makeup of a new economic development planning group is raising questions about who’s getting invited to the table.  

The new group met for the first time Thursday in Cleveland while a dozen local activists from Cuyahoga County Progressives, Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Socialists rallied outside.

Creative Commons

The city of Youngstown wants to improve its Central Business District with a $10.8 million dollar federal grant.

The Secretary of Transportation announced Tuesday that Youngstown is one of the 91 projects receiving a grant from the Department of Transportation through its new BUILD program.

photo of Mike DeWine

With just over a month before he takes office, Governor-elect Mike DeWine spoke to the leaders of the state’s 88 counties – who plan to pressure him for more funding in the upcoming budget process.

Analysis Finds Akron Office Space is in High Demand

Dec 10, 2018
Home of Akron Bounce

A new analysis finds that more employers are seeking Akron for office space. 

The Cleveland-based research firm JLL found the city’s office vacancy rate is expected to decrease in 2019. A report shows that vacancy is sitting at just over 16 percent compared to the nationwide rate of  11 percent.

JLL’s Research Head Andrew Batson says the city is building momentum and new city projects like the Bowery Development are helping increase demand.

He also says millennials are a factor.

This year, when the U.S. Treasury Department selected “opportunity zones”—those higher-poverty census tracts in which financiers will be able to claim tax breaks in exchange for investment—an unlikely Cleveland Heights neighborhood made the cut.

Other zones in Northeast Ohio are home to major employers, commercial districts, industrial land or hot real estate markets adjacent to lower-income neighborhoods.

GM Lordstown plant

GM’s plant in Lordstown, which is slated to cease production next year, could have a future with one of the automaker’s competitors.

photo of money

There was less money coming in to the state last month from personal income taxes, but the budget department’s forecasts still appear to be on track to avoid cuts.

There’s a tradition at Cleveland’s Great Lakes Brewing Company. Each day around 4 o’clock, employees gather in the brewpub for a complimentary “shift beer.” It’s a chance to celebrate the fruits of their labor. Soon though, the employees at the 30-year-old company will be getting a new perk, probably worth a lot more than a free drink.

By the end of this year, it’ll be one of the latest companies to form an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or ESOP. Basically, it goes like this: work at a company for a while and eventually own it. Or at least a nice chunk of it.

photo of Brigid Kelly

Democratic lawmakers in the Ohio House who have been pushing for years to eliminate sales tax on feminine hygiene products were finally able to get it through – and nearly unanimously. It was part of a larger tax-related bill.

Rep. Brigid Kelly is among those fighting what is known as the “pink tax.” She said tampons and pads are medically necessary products for women. And she said they are expensive.