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A new project looks to tap into the hope that comes with finally getting a COVID-19 vaccine through poetry.

The Global Vaccine Poem: Here's My Arm

Debra-Lynn Hook
Debra-Lynn Hook
Debra-Lynn Hook

My name is Debra-Lynn Hook. I live in Kent. I have leukemia. I am a writer and a photographer who has survived this past year by expressing myself.

Here’s My Arm

Dear vaccine,

The way some people view my hesitance about you: I am an anti-American anti-vaxxer.

The way I view it: I am a discerning consumer, especially when it comes to what I put in my body.

The way some people view my waiting for the one-shot Johnson and Johnson: I should take the first vaccination that becomes available.

The way I see it: It makes perfect sense that I want to hold out for one set of side effects, instead of two.

I have chronic lymphocytic leukemia, CLL, cancer of the immune system.

Please understand. Things don’t affect me the way they do others.

Yet even if I was in perfect health, I believe my questions and concerns shouldn’t brand me as an irresponsible human being, but a responsible one.

No offense. OK?, dear vaccine.

Here’s my arm.