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'A Christmas Story' in Legos? Fans Can Vote to Make it Happen

photo of Christmas Story house
These Lego models of the Christmas Story house were made by Jason Middaugh, who will be in Cleveland this weekend to display the models along with other Christmas Story-related Lego pieces he's and his daughter have constructed.

Fans of “A Christmas Story” have a chance to immortalize the Cleveland house where it was filmed – Lego-brick-by-brick.

There are movie-inspired Lego sets of everything from the “Star Wars” Millennium Falcon to the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. Last year, Jason Middaugh from upstate New York submitted an idea for the house from “A Christmas Story,” a popular tourist attraction on Cleveland’s west side. The company passed, and Middaugh says it may have been because it took 2,100 pieces to build the house, complete with snow, the family car, and a working leg lamp. This year, he’s cut the piece count to about 800.

“The re-submit is actually just the first floor display. That might get it into that price range Lego might be looking for in order to market it.”

The new set retains the leg lamp and adds a model of the film’s iconic flagpole scene. Middaugh will be in Cleveland with his sample set this coming weekend as part of the Christmas Story Run 5k and 10k, encouraging people to vote online for it to become an official set from the company.

A link to vote on the Lego set, and a video of its creation, are here.