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Art Installations Take Up Residence in Condemned Slavic Village Houses

Three vacant houses in Cleveland’s Slavic Village are now full of art.

This weekend, dozens of local artists created 100 paintings, sculptures, and installations in homes slated for demolition. The event, called “Rooms to Let,” is in its fourth year.

Painter Scott Pickering said the event is helping to revive the neighborhood by filling it with people and art, even if the art is temporary.

“I’m always conflicted by that. It’s of the moment, is how I deal with that," Pickering said. "It’s a lot of work and you have a lot of people that come into Slavic Village for this event. I think it’s great. If that’s what it takes to bring folks into this re-emerging village, I’m all for it.”

The houses are scheduled to be torn down in the next few months. Some of the neighbors have said they plan to buy the vacant lots.