Exploradio: How Ohio Became a Hotbed of Gorilla Research

They’re the largest of the great apes. Imposing and impressive, gorillas inspire fear and admiration. But local researchers say they also serve as models of gentleness and family harmony. In this week’s Exploradio, we look at Ohio’s role in gorilla conservation and visit the gorillas in our midst.

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A video put out by China's official state media has been making the rounds this morning.

Not for the politics of it, as you might expect. Instead, for its form. It uses some well-worn American psychedelia to hawk the country's new five-year development plan.

The catchy chorus: "If you wanna know what China's gonna do, best pay attention to the 十三五."

Baseball is a team sport. But as the Kansas City Royals and New York Mets prepare to play Game 1 of the World Series tonight, there's a tremendous amount of focus on one player in particular.

And the spotlight is on New York second baseman Daniel Murphy for good reason.

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Authorities are investigating a classroom incident between a white sheriff's deputy and a black high school student in Columbia, S.C., in which video shows the deputy, a school resource officer, flipping the female student's desk backward and dragging her to the ground.

Swim around enough in the oceanic photo archives of the Library of Congress and you will spot some strange things — including old doctored photos of two-headed humans and a man-monster superimposition.

But perhaps nothing as bizarre as this photo — labeled General Grant at City Point.

Look at it closely. Notice anything amiss?

George Watts Montessori Magnet sits just north of downtown Durham, N.C., along the eastern edge of Duke University. Its sprawling, red-brick campus is nearly a century old and surrounded by gorgeously restored family homes that once housed Duke fraternities, before the university sold them off.

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When the health insurance marketplaces open Sunday, consumers shopping for 2016 coverage may find steeper premium increases than last year and more plans that offer no out-of-network coverage.

Turkey has acknowledged attacking a Kurdish militia group that has been a U.S. ally in the fight against ISIS, saying fighters had crossed into an off-limits area in Syria. Turkey also says it has attacked ISIS within its own borders.

The attacks underscore the complications the U.S. and its allies face when forming a strategy against the extremist ISIS terrorist group in an area where regional and sectarian conflicts continue to play out.

More than 300 people are dead the day after an earthquake hit Afghanistan and shook surrounding countries. At least 2,000 people are injured, NPR's Philip Reeves reports on Morning Edition.

"This is a very remote landscape," Reeves notes, "and it can take a long time before you find out exactly who's been impacted by a disaster of this kind."

For decades, many presidential candidates campaigning in Iowa have made sure to offer their loud support for ethanol — the fuel made from corn.

Ethanol is an important industry in Iowa. The state is the top producer of ethanol in the nation, accounting for 28 percent of national production, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

But this election cycle, ethanol is not the campaign force it once was.

Take the contrast between George W. Bush's 2000 presidential campaign and the current campaign of his brother, Jeb Bush.



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A group of 16 states has filed a lawsuit in a Northern California federal court against President Trump's declaration of a national emergency, calling the president's decision to use executive power to fund a border wall unconstitutional.

For Andrea Levy, writing began as a hobby taken up later in life.

“I just started by doing an evening class and seeing how it would go,” she told the BBC in 2014. “I found that I liked it.”

Levy, who died Feb. 14 of cancer at age 62, became a celebrated British author by writing what she knew: her family’s experience.

On a Saturday afternoon at a shooting club on Rio de Janeiro’s outskirts, 58-year-old court officer Márcio Monteiro takes aim at a paper target. He fires standing, kneeling and with one hand. He and four others have just learned how to load and fire a .38-caliber revolver for the first time as part of a shooting safety and basics class, a requirement in Brazil before purchasing a gun. The students — in addition to Monteiro, a doctor, an office administrator, a bus company owner and a nutritional supplement saleswoman — each paid around $240 for the day’s instruction.

Queen And Lambert To Rock The Oscars

8 hours ago

Queen will take the stage at the Oscars next weekend, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced Monday.

"Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?" the Academy tweeted. "We welcome @QueenWillRock and @adamlambert to this year's #Oscars."


President Trump has gone on record to say he takes Russian President Vladimir Putin at his word. I was there in Helsinki when Trump was pressed about Putin's claims not to have intervened in the 2016 election.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today.

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