Indians stadium in Goodyear, Arizona

The View From Pluto: The Big Holes in the Indians Opening Day Lineup

There are a lot of unanswered questions about the Indians lineup with just over a week until opening day. WKSU commentator Terry Pluto has been scouting the team from Goodyear, Arizona this week and says there are big holes in the outfield. Out with the old, in the with the new
The first observation Pluto makes is that there are not a whole lot of returning players this year. "I walked in the locker room, and all of the sudden, there's all these new guys and there's all these ... young guys," Pluto says.

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photo of Asian tiger mosquito

The Zika virus is rapidly spreading across South America, Central America, and the Caribbean.  It may soon spread to the U.S.  

It's carried by a mosquito native to Africa called Aedes aegypti, and by its cousin, Aedes albopictus, the Asian tiger mosquito, which has been found as far north as Ohio.

Scientists are amping up efforts to fight our oldest foes. One Wooster researcher thinks the key to controlling mosquitoes can be found by unlocking the secrets of their reproduction.

Prosecutor Tim McGinty

It’s a political race that, usually, generates only moderate interest at best.  But not this year. Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty is facing a tough challenge from former Assistant Prosecutor Michael O’Malley.                                                                                                           

It’s been a tough year politically for Prosecutor Tim McGinty.

Northeast Ohio Prepares for Zika

Feb 15, 2016
photo of mosquito

Though the risk of contracting the mosquito-borne Zika virus isn’t high in Northeast Ohio, area hospitals are preparing to detect and treat the disease. 

Jon Husted

  This week includes two key dates for people who want to vote in Ohio’s March 15th primary. And Ohio’s secretary of state says there’s a key reason for people to follow through. 

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the last day people can register to vote, and boards of elections in all 88 counties will be open until 9 p.m. Then, at 8 Wednesday morning, early voting – in person or by mail – begins.

photo of naloxone

Ohio passed a law last year allowing pharmacists to sell an opioid overdose antidote without a prescription. Now, Kroger says it will join the CVS pharmacy chain in selling naloxone.

Kroger spokeswoman Patty Leesemann says customers must take a training class before the purchase.  She says the idea is to have the drug on-hand before an overdose happens.

“Individuals older than 18-years-old may go in to a Kroger pharmacy and ask for the medication. Individuals must complete a form and attend an educational session with a pharmacist. "

Map of congressional districts in Ohio.

Voters approved a change in the way the maps for state lawmakers’ districts are drawn last year, sparking calls for a similar change to the maps for members of Congress. While Democrats are united in that push, Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler reports there’s an apparent split among Republican leaders who could make it happen.

Northeast Ohio Prepares for Zika

Feb 14, 2016

The mosquito that carries Zika isn't often found in Northeast Ohio, but local health officials are preparing.Credit Centers for Disease ControlEdit | Remove

3-D printing equipment
By Bart Dring / Wikipedia

Northeast Ohio has been known for generations for its precision machinery and tool & die manufacturing.  Now, there is an effort underway to enhance that standing with 3-D printing technology. 

Youngstown’s Business Incubator, the 3-D printing booster-organization, America Makes, and Youngstown State University, are working together to provide education and implementation assistance for companies that want to get into additive manufacturing --as 3-D printing is commonly called. 

Thomas Gilson

Cuyahoga County has released statistics for 2015 on drug-related deaths, and the numbers show a new trend toward a drug that’s 80 times more powerful than morphine.

The statistics show that overdose deaths from the drug fentanyl nearly tripled, but heroin overdoses dropped about 8 percent last year – the first drop in five years.

Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner Thomas Gilson says, as far as he is aware, the pill form of fentanyl showed up on the county’s streets last month.


The Ohio Senate passed a bill this week that would grant immunity to anyone who breaks into a car to rescue a dog or a child. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles explains.

It’s a hot or cold day. You see an unattended car with a child or pet locked inside. You call the police. But the child or dog is in distress. Do you wait or break the window to provide help?  Republican State Sen. Jim Hughes says his bill would allow you to do the latter.




From NPR

Boeing's bestselling jetliner, the 737 Max, has crashed twice in six months — the Lion Air disaster in October and the Ethiopian Airlines crash this month. Nearly 350 people have been killed, and the model of plane has been grounded indefinitely as investigations are underway.

Boeing has maintained the planes are safe. But trust — from the public, from airlines, from pilots and regulators — has been shaken.

So far, experts say, Boeing has mishandled this crisis but has the opportunity to win back confidence in the future.

Nine days before Britain's scheduled departure from the European Union, European Council President Donald Tusk said Wednesday that an extension for withdrawal is possible – but only if U.K. parliament members approve Prime Minister Theresa May's terms.

The condition stands to push British parliamentarians to vote a third time on May's deal or prepare for a historic divorce without any deal at all.

NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Wall Street Journal reporter Jessica Donati about the Trump administration's debate over what should happen to the more than 70,000 Venezuelans seeking refuge in the U.S.

President Trump is in Ohio touting the growth in manufacturing jobs during his presidency. At the same time, he is fighting with General Motors over its closure of a plant in Lordstown, Ohio.

Presidential Stop In Lima Excites

2 hours ago

  In a residential area on the motorcade route, Terri Morris put a sign in her front yard reading ‘Bring Back Honesty, Trump has to go.’


But even Morris was caught in the pomp and circumstance of the presidential motorcade, and says she ran outside to take a video when the president drove by.


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