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Mark Pennell sits at the helm of his time machine.Mark's Almanac is a 90-second time travel that highlights the world's history from the very serious to the sometimes sublime.

Mark's Almanac for December 22, 2020

Pictured is Brig. Gen. Anthony C. Mcauliffe and men under his command.
U.S. Air Force Archive
Brig. Gen. Anthony C. Mcauliffe, artillery commander of the 101st Airborne Division, gives his various glider pilots last-minute instructions in England on Sept. 18, 1944, before the take-off on D-Day plus 1.

It was on this date in 1944 that four German soldiers approached American lines near Bastogne, Belgium and gave an ultimatum for surrender to Gen. Anthony McAuliffe. McAuliffe's 101st Airborne contingent were encircled by German forces. He famously sent back a message to the German commander that read simply "Nuts!" And it was on this date in 1967, the Graduate appeared in theaters.