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WKSU Profile: Sarah Taylor

sarah taylor

So many things are posted online from our newsroom in a single day, and it's broadcast and digital editor Sarah Taylor's job to make sure it meets the WKSU standard. Taylor recently sat down and answered some questions about herself, editing, teaching and sporting rivalries.
When someone says “Broadcast and Digital Editor,” what exactly does that entail?  Mainly, I work with content.  I work with students, help edit stories for staff before they go on the air and I edit and post stories that are published on our website. 
You’ve bounced back and forth between radio and television - how do you compare the two?  There was an appeal to working with video that I enjoyed when I was younger, but radio is a more intimate medium because it’s just your voice in the listener’s ear, especially in today’s age when people are wearing headphones.  You are literally in their ear!
Would you say that working in television helped you when working in radio?  Of course.  Any skills you can acquire, in any medium, are always super helpful because everything is converged nowadays.
You’re an adjunct journalism instructor at Kent State University - what made you want to pursue a teaching career?  When I started working in TV in Youngstown, there was a news director there who hired me, and in the middle of my career we went under new ownership.  He left and came to Kent State as a professor, so when I decided to step back from TV, he told me I should come and teach.  He invited me to come help teach a class and that’s how I got started.  Now I’m pursuing my master’s degree at Kent State so I can potentially teach more in the future.
What words of advice do you give your students?  Always be open to new opportunities, especially new learning opportunities, because change is so rapid nowadays that you have to be willing to adapt yourself and grow.
What is your favorite part about what you do at WKSU?  Interviewing, I think.  That’s probably one of my favorite things, but I also like the writing and I love working with the students because they have such an eagerness to learn, grow, understand and take direction.
You graduated from Miami (OH), so who do you root for when they play Kent State?  Well I grew up in Euclid, so I’m not far from Kent.  My sister went to Kent and my best friend’s daughter is here.  My husband is also a Golden Flash, so in the current state of affairs I have to go with Kent.
What do you think is the biggest challenge you face when working in radio?  Time is always a challenge because we operate on deadlines.  It’s certainly difficult to make sure you have enough time and resources to put together stories that are complete, thorough, accurate and meaningful.