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WYSO Weekend: December 13, 2015

In this edition of WYSO Weekend: The sweet sounds from Moriah Haven – She played live Wednesday night on Kaleidoscope and talked about her new EP, The Growth Project with Juliet Fromholt – We’ll play you part of that conversation. We’ll also talk to the designer and builder of a home in Lewisburg that produces as much energy as it uses. We’ve got Climate Commentary From Bob Brecha and Bill Felker with Poor Will’s Almanack. See full details below.

  • There are over twenty­eight thousand military Reservists in Ohio, yet the Reserves are a service option that often causes confusion to civilians. Our Veterans’ Voices series continues today with Marine Corp Reservist, and Wright State University student, Cody Stevens of Xenia, who talked to two fellow Marines about this problem. Veterans Voices is produced in collaboration with the Veteran and Military Center at Wright State University. Funding for this series comes from Ohio Humanities.
  • JeffreyTestermanis a custom home builder andremodeler.  He designed and built a net-zero home that was featured in this year’sHomarama. A net-zero home is one that produces as much energy as it uses.Testermansays the house you’ll hear about next should actually produce more energy than it uses. You can find out more about homes like this one at hometrends.com.
  • The pictures of people fleeing chaos in the Middle East and risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean Sea are disturbing. Do these image represent a view of the future? World leaders are meeting in Paris right now to try to prevent climate catastrophes that could push people out of their homes. Commentator BobBrechalooks at the links between refugees and climate change during this week’s Climate Commentary. Brechais a professor of Physics and Renewable and Clean Energy at the University of Dayton. He is Research Director ofUD'sHanley Sustainability Institute and tweets atBobBrecha. For more stories and commentaries, visit our website,WYSOdot org.
  • Singer/songwriterMoriahHaven’s music is reminiscent of some heavy hitters in the music industry, Kate Bush andToriAmos to name a few, and her music has electronic, and ambient elements. Her latest project is the EP The Growth Project and Wednesday nightMoriahstopped by theYSOstudios to talk about it with JulietFromholt.
  • BillFelker and Poor Will's Almanack.

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