State of the Arts

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Theater and dance, museums and music, film and food: From fine art to pop culture, from the mainstream to the cutting edge, Northeast Ohio is full of experiences to tantalize the senses.  Friday’s on Morning Edition, WKSU’s Mark Arehart explores all that Northeast Ohio has to offer on State of the Arts.

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movie poster

A documentary premiering tonight at the Cleveland International Film festival tells a story the filmmaker especially wanted his home town to know.

It’s about his Japanese-American family’s experience in Cleveland since World War II, and the racism endured for generations.

WKSU’s Vivian Goodman has a preview in today’s State of the Arts.

rehearsing with CSO

Bela Fleck, widely recognized as one of the world’s greatest banjo players, will perform the world premiere of his second banjo concerto this weekend in Canton.

The Canton Symphony Orchestra performed Fleck’s first concerto in 2014 and invited him to write another.

In today’s State of the Arts, WKSU’s Vivian Goodman talks with the multi-faceted musician whose been nominated in more categories than anyone in the history of the Grammy Awards.

Contemporary Youth Orchestra
Courtesy of Contemporary Youth Orchestra / Contemporary Youth Orchestra

Technology has been changing the music world at an allegro pace. In Cleveland, a group of young musicians stays on tempo by exploring new avenues of expression and new ways to be heard.

In today’s State of the Arts, WKSU’s Vivian Goodman reports that includes orchestral music for video games. 

Even if you’ve never touched a joystick you’ve probably heard some video game tunes.

But music for the games we play has come a long way since Nintendo put the Mario Brothers to work back in 1983. Just ask Sean Beeson, lead composer for Neoglyphic Entertainment.

blue collar crucifix

A ceramic art show at the Canton Museum of Art evokes bitter memories of shuttered plants and lost jobs.

It also celebrates the courage of those who lived through the decline of manufacturing throughout the Midwest.

“Blue Collar” is the work of two sculptors who grew up in a small Indiana factory town.  

Kelly Phelps chairs the art department at Xavier University in Cincinnati, and Kyle Phelps is on the arts faculty at the University of Dayton.

They are identical twins.

Jessica Pinsky

When the Cleveland Institute of Art moved last summer to the $75 million complex on Euclid Avenue it had been building for six  years, it had to make hard choices, like downsizing its fiber program.

There was no place to put the equipment, including 17 floor looms.

But adjunct professor Jessica Pinsky had an idea that jived with the institute’s philosophy of field-based  experiential learning.

“I proposed that we keep this incredible equipment together and we open a non-profit arts association 

somewhere else in Cleveland.”