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several salt trucks plow snowy road

Dr. Anne Jefferson, associate professor in the Geogogy Department at Kent State University, and who runs the Watershed Hydrology Lab, says we may be overduing it when it comes to salting our roads in winter.   

Bea McPherson medal from the National Geospacial Intelligence Agency (left), Bea at map (right)
Joe Gunderman (left), archive photo (right)

Bea McPherson was in geology class at Kent in 1943 when her professor asked if a few of the women would like to be trained in map making to help the war effort.  In 2010 she was recognized by the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.

Picture of Jason Prufer (right), picture of book cover (left).
Kent State University, Kent State University Press

Jason Prufer is the author of Small Town, Big Music - The Outsized Influence of Kent, Ohio, on the History of Rock and Roll.  The book features first-hand stories of big-name musicians traveling through Kent, as well as the local music scene where Joe Walsh, Patrick Carney, Chrissie Hynde, and DEVO refined their crafts. The book is published by the Kent State University Press. 

Prufer also works as a Senior library associate in Kent State University's library.

picture of May 4th Visitor's Center, Kent State University
Kent State University

Mindy Farmer is the director of the May 4 Visitors Center and an assistant professor of history.  Previously she served as the founding education specialist at the federal non-partisan Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum where she oversaw the Library's education and public programming.  She is holds a doctorate from The Ohio State University. 

photo of Susan Wadsworth-Booth
Kent State University

What role does a University press play in our modern digital age? Susan Wadsworth-Booth, Head of Kent State University Press, started at Kent State on Sept. 11, 2017. She is the former director of the Duquesne University Press, and has more than 25 years of experience in scholarly publishing. She also taught at the University of Pennsylvania and managed public relations and campus publications at Salem International University in West Virginia.