The Listener Toolkit
Peter Dominowski
Market Trends Research
Palm Harbor, Florida
Al Bartholet
Kent, Ohio
July, 1997

Why Conduct a Listener or Member Survey
Research Myths and Misconceptions
Building the Survey
Survey Methodology
Survey Questions
Processing the Data
Data Analysis and Reporting
Applying the Survey Results
Station Service and Support for the Listener Survey Toolkit
Sample Questions

The Listener Survey Toolkit is a guide for people who are not research experts. It is intended for those who have limited time, but want to make sure that the quality of their research matches that of their station's programming and that the results are practical, dependable, and actionable. This is not a resource for professional researchers or for academic study. Many excellent books that discuss survey construction and analysis from a technical and academic approach are already available. We have tried instead to give the maximum amount of useful information clearly and concisely. Our goal for the Toolkit is to make it possible for any station to construct a useful listener survey and obtain reliable results from a valid sample of the audience, all with a minimum investment of time and expense. We have tried to anticipate questions about the survey research process and provide concise answers.

We hope that the Toolkit accomplishes our purpose and that the information is helpful and worthwhile. The information from well-crafted surveys can be invaluable to staff involved in programming, development, and to management. Please let us know if you have used the Toolkit to help construct a survey for your station. Your comments and reactions will be appreciated.

Our thanks to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for funding The Listener Survey Toolkit. If this information helped you and your station, please take the time to thank them, too!