virtual reality

man with virtual reality headset
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An Akron business owner thinks his company could be a leading force in the virtual reality industry. Eric Vaughn is the owner of the production studio Red Point Digital, which is launching Skunkwerkz that will specialize in VR and stop motion animation. Vaughn wants to use VR technology to keep people in Northeast Ohio and bring in talent from other states.


Microsoft’s virtual reality imaging system is being used for the first time in a dance performance.

The dance piece debuting this weekend in Cleveland uses technology typically seen in the science lab.

HoloLens is Microsoft’s foray into the virtual reality realm. Case Western Reserve University last year became the first institution to use it to teach anatomy to medical students.

Photo of one of VR Rage's indoor signs
Reid Smith

A new bar in Northeast Ohio is putting a fresh spin on virtual reality. VR Rage in Parma gives customers a chance to play virtual reality games while enjoying food and drink.

Owner Tom Jenkins says virtual reality isn’t just for kids.

“It’s endless -- the possibilities and the number of layers to this. We’ve only got 14 games so far, and these various machines, but there is a whole series of possibilities moving forward,” Jenkins says.

photo of Catatonic

The 40th Cleveland International Film Festival is adding virtual reality to the mix with a new exhibit opening tomorrow. "Perspectives" is housed in Tower City, away from the movie theaters and instead in an empty storefront.

Visitors will get headsets and unlocked smart phones that can transport them inside some of this year's films. There are also Interactive Media projects, such as "Good Luck Soup," a web-based documentary.