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President Trump tweeted today about the woman who’s accusing his Supreme Court nominee of sexually assaulting her. The president says if the incident had occurred, there should have been charges filed.

Up to now, Trump has not commented on the accuser. University of Akron political scientist Dave Cohen says that was a better strategy.

“By the president interjecting himself it just reminds people not only of the actual thing that Judge Kavanaugh is being accused of, it also reminds people that the president himself has about 19 or so accusations against him.”

University of Akron

The University of Akron football team won its biggest game in more than a century over the weekend. The Zips stunned Northwestern, 39-34. Akron hadn't beaten a Big Ten team since 1894, when it beat Ohio State, 12-6.

WKSU commentator Terry Pluto said it was a remarkable come-from-behind win. 

"They were down 21-3 at the half," Pluto said. "So, Northwestern probably thought it was over." Then, the Zips scored 36 second half points, 21 of them defensive. 

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Kent State University’s overall enrollment is down.  That’s according to a report delivered to the school’s Board of Trustees at their regular meeting Wednesday. But KSU spokesman Eric Mansfield says there’s more to the story.

"We had ten straight years of growth on the Kent campus until a year ago. And so now we’ve ticked off just slightly; a little over 3 percent year-to-year.  But our Kent Campus numbers are extremely healthy.  We’re at 27,143.  But what we’re seeing is a full-time freshman class that’s the largest we’ve ever seen.”

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