Ohio medical marijuana

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Several large and small cultivators of marijuana for Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Program say they plan to be harvesting their products soon. That doesn’t mean patients will be able to buy it anytime soon.

Stephanie Gostomski with the Ohio Department of Commerce says marijuana growers won’t be able to do anything with their harvest for a while. 

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Court challenges from rejected applicants, inspections issues and other problems popped up when putting the state’s medical marijuana program into effect. And now there’s another delay in the program, which was supposed to be up and running in less than two months.

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy created a registry for medical marijuana patients and caregivers to get identification cards to buy products at dispensaries.

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For the first time, a company has been given the go-ahead to start growing marijuana in Ohio. The group just received an official cultivator license from the state. Now more than a dozen other companies are lined up for inspections, though, the state’s medical marijuana program is still behind schedule.

WellSpring Fields in Portage County will start growing marijuana for medical purposes after receiving the state’s first cultivator license.

The state has a whole slate of inspections scheduled, including seven more in July.

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The state’s medical marijuana program is not going to be ready for patients on the projected start date on Sept. 8th and there’s no clear idea on when it will begin.

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Ohio admitted today what many suspected – that after two years of planning, the state won’t meet the Sept. 8 deadline to begin selling medical marijuana. 

Ohio awarded 25 licenses to grow marijuana. But there were lawsuits and confusion over the state’s scoring process. And to date, none of those growers has begun cultivation.