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Ohio admitted today what many suspected – that after two years of planning, the state won’t meet the Sept. 8 deadline to begin selling medical marijuana. 

Ohio awarded 25 licenses to grow marijuana. But there were lawsuits and confusion over the state’s scoring process. And to date, none of those growers has begun cultivation.

Photo of medical marijuana

Here are your morning headlines for Tuesday, June 5: 

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There’s now a clearer picture of who will be allowed to open medical marijuana dispensaries in Ohio and where they can be located.

The Board of Pharmacy awarded up to 56 dispensary licenses; 376 companies had applied. 

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Here are your morning headlines for Monday, June 4: 

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The Ohio pharmacy board is expected to announce today what businesses will be allowed to sell medical marijuana beginning this September.

The nearly five-dozen dispensary licenses are the next step in a series of permits Ohio is requiring to grow and sell medical marijuana beginning Sept. 8.  The awards had been expected to be made at a special meeting of the pharmacy board late last month. But it cancelled that meeting because of unexpected delays validating that each applicant met minimum standards. 

More than 100 groups have applied for the sellers’ licenses.