Kent State University

Beverly Warren and Dave Ruller

Kent State University’s economic impact on northeast Ohio is nearly $3.4 billion a year.  An independent study with those numbers was released Monday by university President Beverly Warren.

President Warren says she believes the numbers show that the university “elevates the quality of life across the entire northeast Ohio region.”And she says the timing of the study is related to Kent State moving forward with long-range fund-raising and major development initiatives.

Mark Arehart / WKSU

Akron Public Schools announced it’s expanding its college and career academies through a partnership with Kent State University.

Here are your morning headlines for Tuesday, Feb. 13:

photo of Kent State

Kent State University could be the latest school to add a varsity program for eSports, multiplayer videogame competitions.

Kent State’s Vice President for System Integration, Nathan Ritchey, says the conversation about eSports started last April when the University of Utah announced its program.   

A Kent State University geology professor says the road salts are having an impact on our local ecosystems.

Dr. Anne Jefferson studies watershed hydrology in human-altered landscapes. Her research group has been looking at the issue over the past five and has found that the amount of chloride in ground water has increased. 

Jefferson says researchers are looking for safer alternatives to de-ice the roads.