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Photo of Journalist Dan Rather

Veteran journalist Dan Rather speaks as part of Kent State University’s 2018 commemoration of the shootings of May 4, 1970, and shares his experiences as one of America's premier broadcasters.

In comments ahead of his appearance at the Presidential Speaker Series, Rather said that dissent has a place in American democracy.

In reflecting on what happened 48 years ago, he said the Vietnam War probably would have lasted longer had not the killing of four students shaken the nation.

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photo of Canton Fire Department Truck 1

The National Weather Service issued a red flag warning for much of Ohio Tuesday. The warning, which has since expired, meant that conditions were good for wild lands to catch fire and for that fire to spread quickly.

As it turns out, these warnings don’t happen very often, according to Kent State University professor of geography Tom Schmidlin who focuses on climatology.

Open Carry Demonstrators
Andrew Atkins / WKSU

About 70 demonstrators gathered in Kent State University’s Risman Plaza Friday carrying handguns and rifles or wearing holsters.

While visitors can bring guns on campus, students and staff cannot.

The event was organized by senior biology major Kaitlin Bennett and Cincinnati-area accountant Jeffry Smith, who has held similar open-carry demonstrations at the University of Akron and other sites around the state.

Bennet says they were there to spark conversation.

Kent State University

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